How to conquer the critical health challenges facing Black America

By Dr. Randall Morgan, NewsOne

Despite key health advancements, much remains to be accomplished in medicine and population health. This is one of the many reasons we’re excited about the All of Us Research Program.

Raised in Gary, Indiana, and having attended the Howard University College of Medicine, I always envisioned that my medical career would be an opportunity to work with and serve patients with whom I share a common heritage and ethnicity. Returning to my hometown to practice medicine made this vision a reality as did my leadership with various national organizations that are focused on addressing various health disparities.

My 50-year career as a physician and advocate proved ample time to reflect on the most critical health challenges facing African-Americans and other communities of color. One such challenge is the lack of specialized treatment developed with our communities in mind. I strongly believe in the importance of being on the front lines of medical research, and, time and again, have been disappointed with the development of clinical approaches and guidelines that completely miss the mark in representing our constituencies.

For over a century, the National Medical Association (NMA) has been devoted to equal access to medicine and quality care, pushing for innovation and advancement of public health. In 2004, our Association leadership realized the value of the NMA would be strengthened by working toward solutions that would progress the U.S. health system toward tailored care and related services for our nation’s diverse populations, across race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. Read more …