Webinar: New Chapters in Community Health: Healthier Communities for All of Us

In this book talk, hosted in partnership with the Madison Public Library and the Wisconsin Book Festival, author Brian Alexander discusses his book, “The Hospital” with Angela Fitzgerald, host of PBS Wisconsin’s “Wisconsin Life”. “The Hospital” is about a small rural hospital’s struggle for survival. This is the first in a four-event series. 

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Webinar: Talking BarberShop: The Barbershop Community Engagement Model

In this webinar, hosted in partnership with the University of Wisconsin’s Collaborative Center for Health Equity (CCHE), local and national health equity leaders discuss successes and challenges of using the Barbershop Community Engagement Model to help improve the health of Black men. 

Why I Joined: Dr. Robert Golden for All of Us

In this video testimonial, Dr. Robert Golden, dean of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health discusses why he joined the All of Us Research Program and why this historic effort is so important to the future of health and health care in Wisconsin and beyond. 

Why We Joined: Annie & Robert for All of Us

In this video testimonial, siblings Annie and Robert discuss why they chose to participate in the historic All of Us Research Program.


Family health issues, through several generations, a desire to know “why?”, and the potential for a better, healthier future for their children and grandchildren led them to All of Us.

All of Us and Wisconsin’s Latinx Communities

The “All of Us” Research Program aims to help speed up medical research to discover breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. A major focus of the program is the inclusion of underrepresented groups, such as the African-American and Latinx communities.

In this video, Al Castro of the United Community Center in Milwaukee, discusses how Wisconsin’s Latinx communities could benefit from participation in “All of Us”.

All of Us-UW on For The Record

Dr. Dorothy Farrar Edwards appeared on “For The Record” to discuss UW-Madison’s role in the All of Us Research Program, as well as how those in the greater Madison area can get involved.

Mayo Clinic Biobank

Mayo Clinic has created a specialized biobank just for the All of Us Research Program. The biobank stores and manages the biosamples that All of Us collects for health research purposes. This video takes you inside the biobank and how it assists in the research process and protects participant data.

Importance of Diversity

In the past, medical research hasn’t always represented the rich diversity of the U.S. The key to the All of Us Research Program is diversity. The more we know about what makes people unique, the more customized health care can become.

We are America’s Veterans

America’s veterans share their stories and reasons for being a part of the All of Us Research Program

All of Us Privacy Safeguards

Learn how the All of Us Research Program is utilizing advanced security tools and methods to help keep your data protected.

Why Do We Need the All of Us Research Program?

All of Us Director Eric Dishman explains the importance of All of Us from three perspectives … the patient, the provider, and the researcher.

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