Recruitment & Enrollment Team

Kayla Lemmon

Kayla Lemmon is an accomplished professional with a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, she hopes to continue to make significant contributions to advancing precision medicine options for cancer patients across the state and beyond.

With a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Informatics and a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Kayla possesses a unique blend of expertise that has driven her commitment to pushing the boundaries of the healthcare paradigm. Over the last seven years, Kayla’s focus has been on precision medicine clinical research, where she has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of cancer treatment options across Wisconsin. In her previous role at the Carbone Cancer Center, she initiated and led several groundbreaking initiatives that expanded precision medicine options to cancer patients statewide. By streamlining and optimizing processes within healthcare and research via innovation and the adoption of systems thinking models, she hopes to continue to pave the way for more precise and personalized treatment plans, leading to improved patient outcomes and enhanced healthcare efficiencies.

Looking ahead, Kayla remains devoted to driving progress in precision medicine and transforming healthcare for the better. Her passion for exploring new frontiers in clinical research and informatics continues to be the driving force behind her pursuit of excellence in the healthcare industry.

Joel Hetelle

Joel is the Site Manager for the All of Us Research Program at UW-Madison. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from UW-Madison in 2014, he moved to Glendale, AZ where his fiancée attended dental school. During his time in the Grand Canyon State, Joel worked on numerous clinical trials and observational longitudinal studies focused on Alzheimer’s Disease. In that setting Joel established a firm foundation in clinical research, learned the value of clear and concise communication, and displayed an aptitude for treating research participants with empathy and respect.

Missing family, friends, and the elbowroom of the Midwest, Joel and his fiancée moved back to Madison in 2018. Joel began working on the All of Us Research Program in June 2018, shortly after its national launch. As a study coordinator, Joel travels around the Madison area and enrolls participants by recording valuable data, like participants’ physical measurements, and collecting biospecimen like blood, saliva, and urine.

You may also see him around town at various events discussing the program with members of the community. If you do, be sure to stop by and ask him about the program, Badger sports, the Cubs, Daaaa Bears, movies, music, or craft beer.

Tatiana Sarango Gonzalez

Tatiana is a Research Coordinator with the All of Us research program at UW-Madison. In addition to her role, Tatiana co-hosts the Kichwa Hatari radio program, aimed at reaching the indigenous Quechua/Kichwa population living in the United States. She earned her BS in Biology from the College of New Rochelle in New York and joined the AoU program in March 2021.

Lauren Maischoss

Lauren is a Research Coordinator for the All of Us Research Program. Originally from Los Angeles, Lauren moved to Madison to attend the University of Wisconsin where she recently graduated with degrees in psychology and environmental studies. During her time in undergrad, she worked in the Berridge Neuroscience and Behavioral Lab studying working memory in cases of ADHD. In her free time she volunteers with the Trevor Project, plays water polo and loves hanging out with her friends!

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