Community Engagement Team

April Kigeya

April holds an appointment as an Outreach Specialist and has introduced AoU to an array of diverse audiences, and supports AoU tabling and other engagement events.  She currently leads the AoU @ UW Madison CAB, is taking a lead role in developing remote retention activities and has advanced partnered activities with the Allied Wellness Center (with Lucretia Sullivan Wade).

Kattia Jimenez

Kattia is a Project Manager for All of Us at UW-Madison. She lends leadership to the Madison engagement operations, introducing and supporting an array of internal tracking systems for documenting/supporting/assessing recruitment and retention engagement activities and partnerships.  Kattia is fluent in Spanish, and she and Tyson Jackson helped to establish the AoU Wisconsin @ UW Community Advisory Board.  Kattia is lead for partnered work with the Catholic Multicultural Center and Access Community Health Center, a Madison FQHC.

Samantha Bath

Samantha joined the AoU team in January 2021 after moving to Madison from South Bend, Indiana. She has a long history of working in community organizations and is committed to building bridges to reach historically underserved groups. As a Community Engagement Specialist within the AoU community engagement team, she will be seeking to increase the program’s reach to senior citizens.

Sarah Esmond

Sarah lives in Stoughton, WI, ~20 miles south of Madison. She’s worked on UW Madison campus for 2.5 decades and leads the Madison community engagement team and lends to UW operations under the direction of the UW Madison site co-PIs, Drs. Edwards and Burnside.  Sarah has extensive knowledge about UW Madison and the Health Sciences campus operations, including UW Health.  She was author of initial AoU applications from UW in 2015-2016 (3 efforts to get AoU to Wisconsin!), since it offered significant support to advance health equity research with a truly representative sample.

Tyson Jackson

Tyson has been a community advocate and worker since 2009. He has rooted himself in the Madison community and established rich relationships across the area. He has been active in governmental roles through Dane County as well as Equity and inclusion work with organizations like Common Wealth Development and UW Health. He currently holds a joint appointment with the AoU Research Program and with the UW Collaborative Center for Health Equity, keeping colleagues in both programs apprised of multiple community-academic partnerships he is advancing in Dane County. He helped established our AoU UW CAB in Madison and our partnerships with the Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association and the East Madison Community Center, among others.

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