Cancer disparities – we need more than funding and researchers to attack cancer

By John Whyte and Sung Poblete, The Hill

We are approaching a golden age of scientific research, especially when it comes to fighting cancer. In recent years, we’ve seen a number of innovations that will help cancer patients: the advent of biomarkers allowing doctors to treat cancer with targeted therapy; approved cancer immunotherapies such as CAR T-cell therapy; and the acceleration of research innovations with CRISPR gene-editing technology .These breakthroughs are fast changing the treatment options available to people with cancer.

Even more promising is that doctors are pairing their improved knowledge of cancer screening tests with advances in earlier effective treatments, an approach known as “Cancer Interception.” Cumulatively, these advances will likely keep our momentum moving forward, increasing the chances of survival for patients.

Momentum begets momentum, of course. But these advances aren’t possible without funding, the development of ambitious clinical trials, and most importantly, pools of diverse patients to participate in the trials. Read more …