Tonight at 10: UW-Madison joins research fight to help ‘All of Us’

By Eric Franke,

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is at the center of the most ambitious medical research project of our time. One that will affect all of us.

The All of Us research program has a goal of recruiting one million participants over the next five years, and 100,000 of them will come from Wisconsin.

It’s to really change the way we do research in terms of diagnosis, treatment and prevention, by identifying risk factors for hundreds of conditions,says one of the principal co-investigators, Dr. Dorothy Farrar Edwards. This is the first really huge initiative to get enough people that are diverse enough to address these problems in a representative sample.

Already more than 4,000 Wisconsin residents have signed up. The Wisconsin research group consists of researchers at UW-Madison, the Marshfield Clinic and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Read more …