All of Us Research Program launches health care provider engagement campaign

The All of Us Research Program is launching Providers for a Healthier Future to facilitate important conversations that will help advance precision medicine. The sustained engagement and awareness campaign will strengthen relationships with health care providers, encouraging them to learn more, enroll, and share information about the program with their communities and patients.

“Our work would not be possible without the help of nurses, family physicians, and other health care providers in every corner of this country,” said Dara Richardson-Heron, M.D., All of Us chief engagement officer. “We’re excited about this campaign because it will allow us to spread the word about this program to more communities and welcome more people into the All of Us family.”

People rely on providers as trusted sources of health information, and studies have shown that people want input from their health care provider before they consider participating in a research program.

All of Us has worked with health care providers from its start, establishing partnerships with a number of leading professional societies along the way, including: the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the American Medical Association, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, the National Black Nurses Association, the National Hispanic Medical Association, the National Medical Association, and other groups. This new campaign will build on those efforts.

Over the first month of the campaign, All of Us will launch a series of videos demonstrating clinical interactions around precision medicine and clinical research. The program will also share new resources focusing on nurses and the important role they play on the front lines of personalized care. As the project moves forward, the program will expand its outreach to physicians and a broader range of health care providers.

Reposted from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)