Data tools improving disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment

By Alex Moe, WisBusiness

New data tools being developed in Wisconsin and elsewhere aim to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

One of those tools was created under the direction of Elizabeth Burnside, a radiology professor at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. She spoke yesterday in Madison at the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit, organized each year by BioForward.

Burnside and other speakers noted the number of available medical data is growing at an increasing pace, making it all but impossible for clinicians to keep up with the latest findings.

“What I’ve dedicated my career to doing is developing artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques in order to manage this overwhelming amount of data,” Burnside said.

One way to offset the mounting expectations placed on care providers is to automate portions of the tasks they perform. Karley Yoder, director of product management of AI analytics with GE Healthcare’s digital care division, described how software developed at the company is improving the process of taking ultrasounds. Read more …