Is precision medicine the future of healthcare?

By Ritu Jha, Indica News

Prasun Mishra, founding President and CEO of the American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM) says the demise of his elder sister to pancreatic cancer led him to this work to create awareness about precision (or personalized) medicine.

“It was a kind of a calling for me,” Mishra told indica at the AAPM annual meeting 2019 held this past month at the Santa Clara Convention Center. “Initially I was very sad for my personal loss but eventually I realized it was not just me. Everybody is facing the same thing and has the same story and I am just one of them.”

The daylong meeting was based on the theme “Accelerating Precision Medicine and Transforming Patient Health.” It was attended by both national and international professors, experts, and thought leaders in the fields of precision medicine, life science, biotech, MedTech and pharma.

Mishra, a serial entrepreneur is the Founder and CEO of Agility Pharmaceuticals, founded by AAPM in 2017 with a mission to save lives by accelerating the field of precision medicine through research, education, communication, and collaboration.

Mishra says it was not easy to build a precision medicine community and there was no non-profit voice before them. There were for profit activists out there but the real community message is hard to create. It was also hard to have a meaningful dialogue about precision medicine to create resources and funds. Read more …