Evaluating the benefits and challenges of genomics in healthcare

Genomics could usher in a new era of personalized, targeted therapies, but there are still barriers to integrating this data with routine clinical care.

By Jessica Kent, Health IT Analytics

In recent years, genomics and genetic data have emerged as an innovative area of research that could potentially transform healthcare. This information could accelerate precision medicine, paving the way for individualized therapies tailored to each person.

Studies have examined how genomics could improve care for Alzheimer’s, heart failure, and a number of other diseases, leading to a more personalized standard of treatment.

However, this new source of information could also come with unprecedented challenges. Organizations will need new ways of storing this data, and providers and patients will need to be prepared to handle the answers genomic information could hold.

What are some of the benefits of using genomics in healthcare, and how can the industry overcome the possible challenges that can accompany this information? Read more …