Personalized medicine in the aftermath of COVID-19

By Edward Abrahams, The Journal of Precision Medicine

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, policymakers and citizens will increasingly turn to thought leaders in health and medicine for answers about how to equip our health systems to respond to medical challenges in a new era. Proponents for personalized medicine are well-positioned to contribute to these discussions.

Humanity’s historic struggle with the novel coronavirus has fostered a new appreciation of science, technology, and the principles of personalized medicine.

The widespread adoption of social distancing measures that shut down the economies of entire nations has added another layer of significance to conversations about the value of diagnostic tools that could have helped target prevention strategies to the most at-risk populations without subjecting everyone to devastating social and financial consequences — something that personalized medicine has long promised to do. And thanks to the efforts of several of the field’s most prominent thought leaders, it will be hard for decision-makers to overlook this new imperative to adopt diagnostic testing that can underpin more precise medical interventions. Read more …