Why personalized medicine has the power and potential to extend your life

By Sergey Young, Forbes

Historically, if you were born in the early 1900s, your life expectancy was around somewhere in your 40s. Fast forward one short century, and you can expect to live 80 long, fruitful, happy years. In fact, the NIH predicts that we might be able to keep pushing that lifespan.

But how is this possible? What is helping us live longer? Did we finally discover the fountain of youth?

Well, longevity experts have revealed several factors that could help increase our longevity, and one of these elements is an advancement in technology, particularly personalized medicine. As the founder of a life extension-focused fund —which accelerates longevity breakthroughs — I’m always looking at the technological advancements that could extend the human lifespan.

I have seen various personalized medicine technologies that have the potential to disrupt life sciences in the next three to five years to help people live longer and healthier lives and make longevity more accessible and affordable. Here’s what I’ve learned at the intersection of personalized medicine and tech. Read more …