UW–Madison and UW Health use MyChart to double Wisconsin’s enrollment rate in research program

‘All of Us’ aims to recruit 1 million participants for a database that reflects the diversity of the United States

Epic Systems

University of Wisconsin–Madison, in partnership with UW Health, gained a significant boost in enrollment in a national health research initiative using MyChart.

“All of Us” is a program funded by the National Institutes of Health that aims to create a large and diverse research cohort of at least 1 million Americans. A primary goal of the program is to engage communities that are often underrepresented in health research, such as African-American, Latinx, and LGBTQ patients.

In May of 2018, UW–Madison, Marshfield Clinic, and the Medical College of Wisconsin formed a consortium to recruit and enroll Wisconsin patients in the All of Us initiative. Initially, the UW–Madison and UW Health partnership recruited about 50 patients each week. After they began sending patients MyChart messages prompting them to enroll, the UW All of Us program doubled their enrollment rate to nearly 100 participants per week. Read more …