All of Us In-person Appointments

After you have completed the online components of your All of Us enrollment, you will be asked to schedule your in-person appointment, at UW Hospital, to submit body measurements and biosamples.


With COVID-19 measures in place to ensure the safety of both our participants and staff, your appointment will take approximately 45 minutes. When you contact us to schedule your appointment, we will go over our in-person visit expectations. There is no need to fast prior to this visit. Blood and urine samples will be collected, so please make sure to drink plenty of water before your arrival.


If you need to schedule your appointment, or have questions, please contact us at or (888) 294-2661.

Expectations for your appointment:

If between now and the time of your appointment, you become sick (fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing), please do not come to your appointment. Seek care from your healthcare provider and, when you’re able to do so, please call us at (888) 294-2661 to cancel the appointment.


– Our staff members are required to screen themselves for symptoms daily before they come to work.


– Participants and staff will be required to wear a medical grade mask throughout the appointment. We will provide that mask to you.


– Participants and staff will be required to adhere to proper hand hygiene using hand sanitizing gel, or washing their hands with soap and water, before and after the visit, as well as before and after mask application.


– We are asking that our participants please do not bring any visitors along with them to their appointment.


– Exception made for a support person needed to accompany a disabled or physically-impaired person.


– Please minimize the number of personal items brought to your visit.


If you would like to schedule your appointment and/or have questions, please contact us at (888) 294.2661 or

How to get to our enrollment space:

When you enter UW Hospital, follow signs and yellow brick road to get to the K Elevators. Take the elevator to the 4th Floor, turn left, stay to the left, and look for Room K4/467 on your right.


We will call a day before your appointment to confirm your visit and answer any questions you might have.


Thank you, again, for joining the All of Us Research Program! we look forward to seeing you.

Contact Us


750 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705


Phone: 888.294.2661